Jocelyn Enriquez

Even If

Jocelyn Enriquez

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Even If

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D           Em              D/F# 
Time, they say eases the pain 
     G          F#m     Bm   Em 
But now I must keep myself apart 
       A                D 
From how things used to be 
  Em               F#sus F#       Bm 
I know I should go on    with my life 
    Am          D       GM7 
And leave the world behind 
             D/F#              Em 
That I have learned to leave I know 
I know I have to be strong 

D/F#          G 
Even if my heart 
                     G/A               A 
Should call out your name out in the rain 
D/F#             G 
Even if these dreams 
                G/A               A 
Should want to embrace you once again 
     D            F#sus F# 
And even if I'm all cried out 
    Bm            E 
And no longer in pain 
      D/F#  D      Gm/D 
I'll never fall in love that way 
         D D/F# G Gm 
Ever again 

D          Em              D/F# 
Tears are falling like a rain 
 G              F#m     Bm    Em 
How do I convince my heart again 
       A              D 
That things will be okay 
   Em             F#sus F#     Bm 
I know I have to make it on my own 
      Am          D     GM7 
Since you left me all alone 
        D/F#           Em 
Such a lonely place I know 
I know I've got to go on 

(Repeat Chorus except last word) 
         ... again 

F#sus          F#              Bm 
You promise that you'd stay and never leave 
F#sus         F#            Bm 
Just tell me why should I believe 
Obviously you have gone astray 
Now you're miles away 
             G/A    A 
I'll go on without you 

(Repeat Chorus except last line) 
           D      Gm/D 
No, never fall in love that way 
        D D/F# G Gm D 
Ever again 
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