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Gather Round Children Ukulele tab

Jerry Lee Lewis

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by tarikike

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Gather Round Children

C        G7       C           F           C 
She lies there so peaceful in her eternal sleep 
     F          C       A7        D7          G7 
With wreaths of flowers  from her head to her feet 
  C                         F                C 
A gown of gold she wears to match her silver hair 
  F                       C 
A peaceful smile upon her face  
               G7       C    F 
That shows her heavenly grace 

C                                   F        C 
Come gather round children bow your head and pray 
     F            C        A7          D7        G7 
Come gather round children  while they lay momma away 
    C                                      F               C 
She gave us all her good years oh Lord she gave us all her best 
     F            C 
Come gather round children  
           G7                        C 
While they lay our precious momma to rest 

                            F                 C 
Now dad he's waited so long for momma to join him 
F                C    A7  D7      G7 
And on her right lies  my brother John 
On dad's left lies my sister  
         F                         C 
A flower taken Lord while still in bloom 
  F                       C    G7            C 
I know we'll miss her but Lord they'll be so glad to see her 
F                 C 
Come on now let's sing it 
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