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Country Memories Ukulele tab

Jerry Lee Lewis

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by hebealmeida

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Country Memories

G C        E7                            A7 
I hear the bullfrogs singing bass on the pond 
         D7                G    B7 
And it's still music to my ears 
    Em                                         A7 
The sounds of laughter when the kinfolks would come 
And all the good times that we shared 

  C       E7                           A7 
I still remember all those warm summer nights 
        D7                            G     B7 
And the moonlight shining through the trees 
     Em                 A7 
Miss Evon Taylor was my southern delight 
C           D7          G 
I've got my country memories 

  C                     G 
I sure am sorry for the ones who don't know 
     C                   G 
What living's really all about 
C                        G               E7 
I'm really sorry for the ones that can't go 
   A7                 D7 
To see Magnolia trees blossom in the south 

E7                                  A7 
I still go walking down a dusty old road 
    D7                       G    B7 
And feel the dirt beneath my feet 
      E7                  A7 
In my mind I'm at the old fishing hole 
C           D7          G 
I've got my country memories 
A7          D7          G 
I've got my country memories 
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