Jefferson Starship

The Baby Tree

Jefferson Starship

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The Baby Tree


E                                  Bm     B  
There's an island way out in the sea 
E                                  Bm     B  
Where the babies they all grow on trees 
And its jolly good fun 
To swing in the sun 
B                                                            E           Bm  
But you gotta watch out if you sneeze-sneeze 
 B                                          E  
You gotta watch out if you sneeze 

 E                                            Bm        B  
Yeah you gotta watch out if you sneeze 
 E                                                Bm     B  
For swingin' up there in the breeze 
You're liable to cough 
You might very well fall off 
  B                                     E       Bm  
And tumble down flop on your knees-knees 
  B                                        E  
Tumble down flop on your knees 

 E                                            Bm        B  
And when the stormy winds wail 
 E                                                      Bm     B  
And the breezes blow high in a gale 
         F#m                                                  E                            
There's a furious dropping and flopping and plopping 
 B                                             E   Bm  
And fat little babies just hail-hail 
 B                                          E  
fat little babies just hail 

 E                                                   Bm     B  
And the babies lie there in a pile 
 E                                                         Bm     B  
And the adults they come after awhile 
And they always pass by 
All the babies that cry 
    B                                               E           Bm  
And take only babies that smile-smile 
 B                                                     E  
They take only babies that smile... 
 B                                                              E  
Even triplets and twins if they'll smile 
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