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Who Needs Shelter? Ukulele tab

Jason Mraz

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by anajulia%5F

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Who Needs Shelter?

Good-day sunlight 
D                                                 C# 
I'd like to say how truly bright you are 
You don't know me but I know you 
You're my favorite star 
Follow you I will so lets get moving 

 C#                                       F# 
Who needs shelter when the mornings coming? 
C#                             F# 
Absolutely there's no one 
C#                                      F# 
Who needs shelter from the sun? 
C#                        F# 
Not me, no. not anyone. 

VERSE 2: same chord progression as V1 
Chorus 2: same as CH1 

Bm            F#  C#   Bm                   F# 
I'd sleep it all away but the sun wont let me 
Bm                F#       C#      walkdown: A - G# - F# - A 
I'd miss those lovely days of summer 

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