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Love is real Ukulele tab

Jason Mraz

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by europeu

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Love is real

  		A		   D		E	     A 
Love is real it is not just in novels or the movies 
A		     D			    E 
It is fact and it is standing here right in front of you 
A		         D	  E		  A 
So if you just open your eyes, oh what a sweet discovery 
A			    D		     E 
There is hope, and there is joy and there is acceptance 
D				E				A		 
So now let all the light that collects on your plants keep you warm, make you  
D			      E			  A		D 
And I will be there with this pen in my hand to record all the while 
D		      E             Cm#                    Bm		 
You'll be laughing so loud that the house will shake with sound 
    D			  E			A	 
And everything will be as new as the day it was found 
(A   Bm   Cm#   D   E) 
	    A          D	   E		     A   
Oh, love is real it is not just in long distance commercials 
A		      D				E 
Or something that you thought you felt back in high school 
A			 D		   E		    A 
So I will turn black and white become that horoscope you're reading 
A			   D	   E 
It predicts that something good is on its way 
    D			  E			    A  		    D 
And I'll send you all the world green and blue in a box through the mail 
D			    E			      A		     D 
You can open it up, hold it right in your hand and be glad that it's there 
D			E 
And be glad that you're there 
            Cm#						     Bm 
Now you can feel all the knots in your stomach they start to untie 
    D			 E			A 
And suddenly it's not so hard to say you're alright 
A			D	   E		A 
Oh, love is real it is not just in poetry and stories 
A			D		E 
It is truth and it will follow you everywhere you go from now on 
A				  D		  E			A 
So if you just cast all off your doubts then your lips would answer for you 
A			D		   E 
Oh, my darling when you smile it is like a song 
I cant hear it now 
A   Bm   Cm#   D   E (REST OF SONG)... 

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