Jars of Clay


Jars of Clay

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	  		Intro: Dm Bb9 F A7 (2x) 

Dm                     Bb9      F         A7 
 Shoot a dream in your arm and sleep away, 
Dm                        Bb9                       F           A7 
 It's not the stuff that kills you that keeps your life at bay. 
Dm      Bb9                F    A7         
 Every crash pulls you in reach, 
Dm                  Bb9                F               A7  
 Of a watershed of signal flares that cover your beach, 

Bb9                         F 
These are just placebos to make us feel all right, 
C                                  Dm 
Illusions in our pockets make our feathers float us high, 
Bb9                                 F 
For a second I thought I saw your eyelids rise, 
       C                         Dm 
For a moment something restless caught you by surprise, 

   Bb9 F 
   Bb9 F 
   Bb9 F  C 

Dm  Bb9     F                  A7  
 We are so beautiful when we sleep, 
Dm                   Bb9       F          A7 
 Hearts of gold and eyes so.. deep, deep, deep. 

Bb9                             F 
But love won't cure the chaos, and hope won't hide the loss, 
     C                             Dm 
And peace is not the heroine that shouts above the cause. 
Bb                             F 
And love is wild for reasons, and hope though short in sight, 
C                             Dm     
Might be the only thing that wakes you by surprise 

   Bb9 F 
   Bb  F 
   Bb  F  C 

Dm Bb9 F 
Dm Bb9 F 

 D# Bb9 C 
 Dream, little ones.. 
D# Bb9                C 
 See the world that's just begun. 

Bb9                           F 
Love is wild for reasons, and hope though short in sight, 
C                             Dm 
Might be the only thing that wakes you by surprise, 
Bb9                              F        C 
for a moment I thought I saw your eyelids rise..... 

   Bb9 F     Bb9 F     B B9 F     Bb9 F 
Surprise, surprise, surprise, surprise. 
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