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If I Like It, I Do It Ukulele tab


Difficulty: EasyEasy

by VsWorld

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If I Like It, I Do It

(intro 1 - 2x) D7M 
(intro 2 - 2x) D7M   Em7  C7M   D7M 

D7M                               Em7 
Say that we have all the time we neeed to make it right 
       F#m7                    Em7 
Don't hurry for nobody if it ain't the thing you like 
D7M                                   Em7 
know your place and fit your space, young man you will conform 
         F#m7                                Em7 
I didn't hear my soul express those rules when I was born 
Cause I'm free to roam cause it's my home 
can't stop sweet inclinations 
    F#m7                                    Em7 
the kids want the system breaking down not higher education 
if it ain't no natural law 
              Em7                F#m7                      Em7 
then you can keep your regulations cause if I like it I do it, but I 

Bm7                             Dm7 
keep movin' on though they wanna bring me down 
I've gotta run for the cover and I keep on smilin' 
though they wanna tie me down and give me death for the lover 
Bm7                            C#m7 
and I keep on losin' though I'm provin' what I'm doing 
    Dm7                  C#m7          Dm7    C#m7 
I'm still groovin' and if I like it I do it again 

(Intro 2) 

             D7M                             Em7 
You've got to help those people break that legislation 
F#m7                     Em7 
we can overcome this suffocation 
D7M                     Em7     F#m7                Em7 
execute your natural liberation happy to enjoy rejuvenation 
D7M                         Em7 
all around hear the sound no-one can stop us now 
  F#m7                                 Em7 
a thousand rules for plastic fools now they can take a bow 
D7M                                Em7                F#m7             Em7 
surely there's been time to see it doesn't work by now, so I like it I do it 

Bm7                                   Dm7 
Still I keep on finding that they're pushin' those distorted visions 
Bm7                          Dm7 
and I keep on living but I'm dying cause of their decisions 
Bm7                        C#m7 
if I keep on looking I can find a higher space 
     Dm7                    C#m7    Dm7   C#m7   Bm7 
I'm still groovin' and if I like it I do it again 
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