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Cosmic Girl

Year: 1997 - Album: High Times: Singles 1992-2006

Intro: Em7       F#m7   B7   Em7       F#m7   B7  
          Em7                                  F#m7          B7   
I must've died and gone to heaven Cos it was a quarter past eleven 
     Em7                         F#m7   B7    
On a Saturday in nineteen nighty nine 
       Em7                                  F#m7                B7    
Right across from where I'm standing on the dance floor she was landing 
       Em7                             F#m7   B7    
It was clear that she was from another time 
          Em7                      F#m7           B7    
Like some baby Barbarella with the stars as her umbrella 
    Em7                          F#m7   B7    
She asked me if I'd like to magnetise 
     Em7                                F#m7            B7    
Do I have to go star trekking? Cos it's you I should be checking 
       Em7                             F#m7   B7    
So she lazer beamed me with her cosmic eyes 
G#m7   F#m7                 B7     C#m7 
        She's just a cosmic girl  
             G#m7   F#m7                        B7     C#m7             
From another galaxy          My heart's at zero gravity 
                    G#m7   F#m7                B7     C#m7 
She's from a cosmic world        Putting me in ecstasy 
                   G#m7   F#m7                B7     C#m7 
Transmitting on my frequency        She's cosmic 
Verse 2: 
    Em7                            F#m7              B7    
I'm scanning all my radars cos she said she's from a quasar 
      Em7                          F#m7   B7    
Forty thousand million light years away 
       Em7                              F#m7                 B7    
It's a distant solar system, I tried to phone but they don't list 'em 
     Em7                            F#m7   B7    
So I asked her for a number all the same 
          Em7                       F#m7       B7    
She said, step in my transporter so I can teleport ya' 
Em7                    F#m7   B7    
All around my heavenly body 
           Em7                           F#m7             B7    
This could be a close encounter I should take care not to flounder 
Em7                       F#m7           B7    
Sends me into hyperspace, when I see her pretty face 

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