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Next Year, Baby Ukulele tab

Jamie Cullum

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by gustsilva

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Next Year, Baby

  		(intro) Eb7M Abm6 Eb7M Abm6 

       Eb7M Gm7 
Next year, 
                              Ab7M Cm7 
Things are gonna change 
          Db7M                Dm7(b5) 
Gonna drink less beer 
      Abm7              Bb7 
And start all over again 

Gonna read more books 
Gonna keep up with the news 
Gonna learn how to cook 
And spend less money on shoes 

I'll pay my bills on time 
File my mail away, everyday 
Only drink the finest wine 
And call my Gran every Sunday 

Well resolutions 
Baby, they come and go 
Will I do any of these things? 
The answer's probably no 

But if there's one thing, I must do 
Despite my greatest fears 
I'm gonna say to you 
How I've felt all of these years 

       Eb7M Abm6 Eb7M Abm6 
Next year 
       Eb7M Abm6 Eb7M Abm6 
Next year 

(solo) Ab7M Cm7 Ab7M Cm7 

               Ab7M Cm7        Ab7M Cm7 
I'm gonna tell     you how I feel 
              Gb7M Ab7M        Gb7M Ab7M 
I'm gonna tell      you how I feel 
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