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Johnny Mahoe Ukulele tab

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by Sukaa

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Johnny Mahoe

  		Am      Am      F       E7 (2 X`s) 
Am      E7      Am 

Listen to the story of Johnny Mahoe 
F                        E7 
Pride of the hometown, number one school boy 
Never got in trouble, always kept his nose clean 
            F                   E7 
So when the news hit the town, nobody could believe 
                  Am E7  Am 
what happened to Johnny Mahoe 

You see Johnny started hanging with the neighborhood thugs 
F                        E7 
Boys wearing colors, the ones dealing drugs 
Initiaiton's over, Johnny's part of the gang 
F                       E7 
Fighting for his colors, playing with his bang bang 
Am  E7  Am 
Johnny Mahoe 

C G Why hang around with the wrong crowd F E7 Why let them poison your mind C G It's okay, it's okay, turn and walk the other way F E7 You don't want to end up like Johnny Johnny Am E7 Am Johnny Mahoe
Am One day there was a clash between the blue and the red F E7 When the fighting was over, Johnny lay dead Am A single rose stands alone upon Johny's grave F Think nothing would have happened E7 If Johnny Mahoe just turned and Am E7 Am walked the other way Am E7 Am Just walked the other way SOLO Chorus
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