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You Take Me Higher Ukulele tab


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by jeolb

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You Take Me Higher

Hi. These are the chords for "You Take Me Higher" by 
Hillsong Music Australia. I like this song because it has 
quite a catchy tune at the Chorus. I dunno if this is 
accurate, so if you have corrections, comments, 
or suggestions, put a comment here, or mail me at 
[email protected] Thanks. 
God Bless. 
Chords used: 
A    - 002220 
B    - 224442 
E    - 022100 
A2   - 002200 
B2   - 224422 
C#2  - 446644 
F#m  - 244222 
G#m  - 466444 
Standard tuning EADGBe 

Intro: A2 B2 C#2 A2 

{Verse 1} 
A B F#m G#m 
I remember the first time  
Your love reached deep 
Into my world 
You read me 
Like an open book 

A B F#m G#m 
You took all the pieces 
And made my life complete 
In You 
A F#m B 
I soar on the heights 
Of Your love 
Dive the depths of Your grace 

E G#m A B 
You take me higher 
'Til I see beyond the storm 
Surrounding me with Your love 
I turn to find You near 

E G#m A B 
You take me higher 
You lift my head to open skies 
Your fire burns within my soul 
Abandoned to Your call 

A2 B2 C#2 A2 

{Verse 2} 
A B F#m G#m 
I take the hand of One 
Who knows me 
From the inside out 
He guides me through 
The streets of life 

A B F#m G#m 
He take me through 
Open doors 
They open onto fields of white 
A F#m B 
He tells me to see 
And perceive 
And to hear their cry 

{Chorus 2x} 

{Instrumental 2x} 
A2 B2 C#2 B2 A2 B2 C#2 

A2 B2 C#2 B2 A2 B2 C#2 
You take me higher 
You take me higher 
A2 B2 C#2 B2 A2 B 
You take me higher 
You take me higher 


{Outro} A2 B2 C#2 B2 A2 B2 C#2 
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