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Victory Ukulele tab


Difficulty: AdvancedAdvanced

by gustsilva

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verse 1: 
Em C G  
Born into the hands of sin 
Em C G  
Crippled by the shame within 
Em C G  
Broken heart and restless soul 
Em C G  
Lost out on the open road 

verse 2: 
Em C G  
Beaten on that bloody day 
Em C G  
On His back a world of pain 
Em C G  
Clinging to that cursed tree 
Em C G 
Jesus bled and died for me 
Em D G 
Jesus bled and died for me 

C D 
Oh oh 

G Victory Victory G Conquered death Set me free G Victory Victory Em D G Jesus alive in me
verse 3: Em C G Three days on the stone gives way Em C G Ain't nothing but an empty grave Em C G Gather all the sinners 'round Em C G Tell them what great love we've found Em D G Tell them what great love we've found C D Oh oh Interlude: (x2) G C Em La la la la lalalalala (2x) Em C G Ooh Ooh OohOoh Ooh OohOohOohOohOoh (2x) Bridge: Em C G Lead me to the water deep Em C G In the gracious current I'll sink Em C G I will rise dead to my sin Em C G Christ in me and I in him Em C G Christ in me and I in him Em D G Christ in me and I in him C D Oh oh
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