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What A Saviour Ukulele tab

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What A Saviour

Capo on 4th fret
E B E6 B E B F# E  

       E  B         E6 B   
What a Saviour my Redeemer 
          E  B              F#  
Friend of sinners, one like me 
        E   B             E6  B    
Oh what kindness suffered violence 
          E    B        F#     E    
Healed my blindness and set me free 

        G#m        E               B    F#  
Oh what grace I've found in You my Jesus 
        G#m         E              B        F#  
That my soul should entertain Your greatness 
            E         B              G#m F#  
Should this life hold nothing but my Saviour 
       E      B     F# 
I will praise You always 

           E  B             E6 B  
A heaven's glory clothed in mercy 
        E  B              F#  
Knew my story yet took my end 
           E   B             E6 B   
Though I'm freedom hope like heaven 
       E B          F#   E     
Now forgiven I will rise again 

Should this life I live 
F#                   G#m                       B     
Hold nothing but the cross where Jesus took my shame 
E                            F#   
Then with arms stretched wide and my hands held high 
   G#m                     B    
My every breath will sing again 

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Intro: E B E6 B E B F# E e|--------------------------| B|--------------------------| G|--9--4--2--4--9--4--------| D|--------------------4--2--| A|--------3-----------5--3--| E|--8--3-----3--8--3--------| Verse: E B E6 B E B F# E B E6 B G#m B F# E e|-----------------------------------0-----------| B|--1--------------------1-----------0-----3--1--| G|--0-----2--4--0-----0--0-----2--4--0--0--0--0--| D|--2--0--------2--0--4--2--0--------2--0--4--2--| A|--3--2--3-----3--2--5--3--2--3-----2--2--4--3--| E|--3--3-----3--3--3--5--3--3-----3-----3--5--3--| Chorus: |.....chords are picked.1st time.....| G#m E B F# G#m E B F# E B G#m F# E B F# e|--------------------------------------------------| B|--0---1-----3--0---1-----3--1-----0---3--1-----3--| The final Chorus' G|--0---0--0--0--0---0--0--0--0--0--0---0--0--0--0--| uses a D shape for D|--2---2--0--4--2---2--0--4--2--0--2---4--2--0--4--| the F# chord A|--2---3--2--5--2---3--2--5--3--2--2---5--3--2--5--| E|--0---3--3--5--0---3--3--5--3--3--0---5--3--3--5--| Bridge: < < < < < < E F# G#m B E F# G#m B E F# G#m B e|------------3-3-3-----------3-3-3------------------------------------------| B|--1--3--0---3-1-0-1--1--0---3-1-0-----1-----3---5-----8---8---------8------| G|--0--0--0---0-----0--0--0---0----------------------------------------------| D|--2--4--2---0-----2--4--2---0-------2-----4---5---7/9---9---9-10-10---9----| A|--3--5--2---------3--5--2---------3-----5----------------------------------| E|--3--5--0---3-----3--5--0---3----------------------------------------------| E F# G#m B e|-----------------------------------------| B|------1-----3---5-----8---8---------8----| G|-----------------------------------------| D|----2-----4---5---7/9---9---9-10-10---9--| A|--3-----5--------------------------------| E|-----------------------------------------| Outro: e|--------------------------| B|--------------------------| G|--9--4--2--4--9--4-----0--| D|--------------------4--2--| A|--------3-----------5--3--| E|--8--3-----3--8--3--------| ********************************************************************************** Guitar 2: The majority of guitar 2 is playing around the chords, either strumming or picking Bridge: repeat the bridge building as you go E F# G#m B e|-------------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|------5---5-5----------7---7---7---------8---8---8--8------12---12---10--------| G|---------------------------------------------------------------------------12--| D|--4h5---5-----5-4--4/7---7---7---7-4-7/9---9---9---9--9/12----12---12---12-----| A|-------------------------------------------------------------------------------| E|-------------------------------------------------------------------------------|
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