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You Ain't The First

Year: 1991 - Album: Use Your Illusion

Intro: E A E A E A E

    E          A             E               A
   I tried so hard, just to get through to you
         E             A
   But your head's so far
               E           A
   From the realness of truth
    E                     A
   Was it just a come on in the dark
            E            A
   Wasn't meant to last long
       E                               A
   I think you've worn your welcome, honey
              E           A                    E
   I'll just see you along as I sing you this song

    E              A       E             A
   Time can pass slowly, things always change
     E              A
   Your day's been numbered
           E                A
   And I've read your last page
    E                   A
   You was just a temporary lover
           E                 A
   Honey, you ain't the first
    E                     A
   Lots of others came before you, woman
             E                A
   Said but you been the worst
   Sa'you been the worst

  E               G#
   So goodbye to you, girl
    A            B
   So long, farewell
      E               G#
   I can't hear you crying
         A            B
   Your jivin's been hell
       E           G#
   So look for me walkin'
         A              B
   Down your street at night
           E         G#
   I'll be in with another
     A          B
   Deep down inside
     A    G#m F#m E A (E A)6x
   Deep down inside
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