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The Story Of My Old Man Ukulele tab

Good Charlotte

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by Helz

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The Story Of My Old Man

  		Intro: | C |  
Verse One 
|          C              |   F           G      | 
I don't know too much about too much of my old man 
|            C                    |       F           G    | 
I know he walked right out the door and we never saw him again 
|           C                  | F     G     |    
Last I heard he was at the bar doing himself in 
|        C                      |    F            G        | 
I know I?ve got that same disease I guess I got that from him 
| Am    |   G      |   F 
This is the story of my old man 
|  Am   |    G      |    F 
Just like his father before him 
|  Am    |       G    |    F 
I'm telling you do anything you can 
|  Am    |      G     |      F 
So you don't end up just like them 
|  F     | 
Like them 
| C  |  Am   |     F        |   ( Just strum the chords )     
Monday he woke up and hated life 
| C  |  Am   |        F         | 
Drank until wednesday and left his wife 
| C  |  Am   |          F            | 
Thursday through Saturday lost everything 
| C  |  Am   |      F         | 
Woke up on Sunday miserable again 
Intro to second verse: |   C    | 
Second verse: 
|        C            |   F           G       | 
I remember baseball games and working on the car 
|       C            |    F             G      | 
Told me that he loved me and said I would go far 
|         C           |   F             G        | 
Showed me how to work hard and stick up for myself 
|         C          |     F          G       | 
I wish he wasn't too hard to listen to himself 
Repeat Pre-Chorus 
Repeat Chorus 
|  Am  |   G   |   F    | x4  
On fourth time play F twice. 
Last Chorus: 
| C |   Am    |       F                      | 
Someday he?ll wish that he made things right 
| C |   Am     |        F           | 
Long for his family and Miss his wife 
| C |   Am     |          F        | 
Remember the days he had everything 
| C |    Am    |      F         | 
Now hes alone and Miserable again 
On the last F play it quite sharpish if u get what I mean lol 
u probz don't :P 

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