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Black balloon (ver. 2) Ukulele tab

Goo Goo Dolls

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by Rafarock87

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Black balloon (ver. 2)

(John Rzeznick)

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Afinação: C# G# C# G# C# C# Riff 1: C# -------0-------0-------0--- C# -----0-------0-------0----- G# ---0-------0-------0------- C# --------------------------- G# -2-------4-------5--------- C# --------------------------- Intro: (rhythm figure 1) C# -------------------------|-------------------------- C# -------------------------|-------------------------- G# --12---------------------|--12---------------------- C# --12-----7---5---7---12--|--12-----9---5-------5---- G# --12---------------------|--12-------------9-------- C# --12---------------------|--12----------------------
(4 times) D G D G (with rhythm figure 1 - 2 more times) Verse: (with rhythm figure 1) D G Baby's black balloon makes her fly D G I almost fell into that hole in your life D G And you're not thinking about tomorrow (riff 1) 'cause you were the same as me E D2 But on your knees D G D G D G A thousand other boys could never reach you D G How could I have been the one D G I saw the world spin beneath you (riff 1) And scatter like ice from the spoon E D2 That was your womb
B A G D Comin' down the world turned over B A G D And angels fall without you there B A G D And I go on as you get colder G A Or are you someone's prayer
D G D G D G You know the lies they always told you D G And the love you never knew D G What's the things they never showed you (riff 1) That swallowed the light from the sun E D2 Inside your room, yeah (Chorus) Bridge: F# G B A F# G B A G G G F# E (slide up to G) F# G A And there's no time left for losin' When you stand they fall (Chorus)x2 F All because I'm E And I'll become G D What you became to me End (Corrections and Comments are welcomed)
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