Gerogia Maq

Mulder Its Me

Gerogia Maq

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Mulder Its Me

Capo on 1st fret

Intro: C  -  G  -  F  -  F 

C         G             F 
Waking up to your empty bed 
G                Am               F 
And it was still warm where you?d slept 
C                  G                         F 
Just like the boy who said the bus sign wasn?t accurate 
G                   Am                   F 
I Questioned everything you said 
Still listened to every word of it 
         F                               C 
And I sat and watched the bin men 
           G                       Am             G        F 
Empty all the bins and return them to the pavement 
                             C                    G 
?Cause there was nothing else I could do 
but wait for you 
C           G                       F 
We still live on the same line 
G                        Am                             F 
And you live in a doll house right near mine 
C                      G                 F 
The trucks still shake my bedroom walls 
G                                Am                           F 
and you can hear the neighbours through yours 
Their laughter is unbearable 
             F            C 
And the stars all aligned 
              G                               Am   G   F 
And the sky made way for the sunrise 
                     C                            G 
but you were gone before it was light 
Never admitting I was right 
Am                         G                F 
Thought you were happy for a while 
Am               G                F 
When I was happy for a while 
Am                G                 F 
Sometimes I think, ?Is the more to life than talking politics?? 
Am                G                                  F 
Just sitting out the back trying to get by 
G                                            F                                    C 
I think that you're happier preparing for the empire to fall 
           G                                F                                C 
And if god was one of us he?d probably be on the dole 
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