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Amarillo By Morning Ukulele tab

George Strait

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Amarillo By Morning

  		D           F#m 
Amarillo By Morning, 
G             D 
Up from San Antone. 
Everything that I've Got, 
   G                  A7 
Is just what I've got on. 
          G                   A 
When that sun is high in that Texas Sky, 
        D              F#m    G 
I'll be buckin' at the county fair. 
D           A 
Amarillo by morning, 
   G     A       D  
Amarillo I'll be there. 
D                      F#m 
They took my saddle in Houston, 
         G            D 
Broke my leg in Santa Fe. 
Lost my wife and a girlfriend, 
    G               A7 
Somewhere along the way. 
            G                           A 
But I'll be looking for eight when they pull gate, 
      D         F#m         G 
And I hope that judge ain't blind. 
D           A 
Amarillo by morning, 
   G       A     D 
Amarillo's on my mind. 
Key Change To E 
E           G#m 
Amarillo by morning, 
A             E 
Up from San Antone. 
Everything that I've got, 
   A                  B7 
Is just what I've got on. 
I ain't got a dime, 
But what I've got is mine. 
        E        G#m      A 
I ain't rich but Lord I'm free. 
E           B7 
Amarillo by morning, 
   A       B7         E   A B7 
Amarillo's where I'll be. 
E           B7 
Amarillo by morning, 
   A       B7         E 
Amarillo's where I'll be. 
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