Garth Brooks

One Night A Day Ukulele tab

Garth Brooks

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One Night A Day

  		>From his "In Pieces" CD 
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Intro G 
G                           Bm
Theres not a lot of things to do 
Em                    G7
I wouldn't rather do with you 
C                Am7        G
I guess I'm funny that way 
G                 Bm
Lately I just sit and stare 
Em                  G7
I talk to people who aren't there 
C                      Am7           G
To get through one night a day. 

Bm7 Em One night a day, Cadd9 G Em One step away, A D from leavin you behind.
G Bm I sit up with the radio Em G7 sing along with the ones I know C Am7 G to get through one night a day. REPEAT CHORUS G Bm I'm callin every friend I'v had Em G7 wake em up and make em mad C Am7 G To let em know that I'm okay G Bm I used to sit and talk to you Em G7 But there all just a substitute, C Am7 to get through one night a day. REPEAT CHORUS G Bm I stay up with the late late show Em G7 just another way I know C Am7 Am7 G7 to get through one night a day C Am7 G to get through one night a day. On the CD there is an instrumental between two of the verses, I stuck the chorus in because it sounds better when playing with Guitar. SUBMITTED BY: Mike Nolan
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