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Come on home Ukulele tab

Franz Ferdinand

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by happiness

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Come on home

  		Am F C E 
Although my lover lives in a place where I can't live I kind of find I like a life this lonely 
It rips and pierces me in places I can't see, I love the rip of nerves the rip that wakes me 
So I'm dissatisfied, I love to satisfy, I love to feel as though there's more that I need 
You're where you want to be, I'm where I want to be, come on we're chasing everything we've wanted     
Replace you easily, replace pathetically, I flirt with every flighty thing that falls my way 
But how I needed you when I needed you, let's not forget we are so strong so bloody strong 
F C                          Am F G 
So come on home, home 
Am E C E  
Blue light falls upon your perfect skin, falls and you draw back again 
Am E 
Falls and this is how I fell and I cannot forget 
F C 
So come on home but don't forget to leave 

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