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Ring Ring Ive Got To Sing Ukulele tab

Ferre Grignard

Difficulty: AdvancedAdvanced

by joaoewerton

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Ring Ring Ive Got To Sing

D             G      A                 D 
Dont cry my baby, dont cry all the while. 
D             G      A                 D 
Dont cry my baby just give me a smile. 
D        G      A         D 
Seen my daddy, die in the war, 
D        G      A         D 
Seen my mamma die crying for. 

D      G     A           D 
Ring, ring, Ive got to sing 
D      G     A           D 
Ring, ring Ive got to sing 

They call me a hounddog, they call me a swine 
Its all because of my colour for their war tho I m fine 
They’re talking ‘bout freedom of religion and race 
But if your a negro, they slap you in the face. 

So whats the use fighting for that sacred democracy 
When Ku-klux-klan murderers are going scott free 
But I am still happy so dont cry my babe 
Together we ll strife for being free people some day. 
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