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Merry Christmas Ukulele tab

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Merry Christmas

  		From the album "The Merry Christmas Single" 
Tab by: Zach Waters  
Tuning: Standard 
C                A            F                    G  
Well I feel alot better but I still can't find the cheer 
C                          A              F          G 
I wanna tell you about the way I feel but I can't sincere 
A                  F                 G        C      D                  
I thought I had it figured out but I guess it wasn't clear 
A                       F               D  
And I hope that we'd be better off this year... 
C                    A                  F               G 
Started out a little late, I guess it's Christmas time again 
C                          A                  F           G  
You're not happy about the way feels now that we are only friends 
A                   F                     G       C        D    
I thought I had you figured out, but it's now and that was then 
A                        F            G  
And I hope that we arent starting up again... 
A C F C Merry Christmas, and I hope you're happy here A C F C D E F G C Merry Christmas, and I hope that you get everything that you deserve this year
Verse 3 ~~~~~~~ C A F G Now I feel a little love and I'm not sure how I got here C A F G Doesn't matter what I figured out it's gonna be the same this year A F G C D I guess we made a big mistake but it isn't very clear A F G And I hope that we'd be better of this year... {Repeat Chorus} Solo ~~~~ C, A, F, G x3 {Repeat Chorus x2}
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