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Psalm 151 Ukulele tab

Ezra Furman

Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by gustsilva

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Psalm 151

Bb     Gb 
She said 
      Gm              Eb             Bb   Gb 
If you need to find a door inside of your head 
     Gm                 Eb                Bb   Gb 
That leads to somewhere else I'll show it to you 
Gm               Eb          Bb     Gb 
She told us all about Psalm 151 
Gm             Eb         Gm    Dm7  Cm7  Eb  F 
And what comes after "Hallelujah" 

Bb       Gb 
She said 
     Gm             Eb                Bb       Gb 
I'll feed you in the morning, eggs on rye bread 
            Gm              Eb 
But you're sleeping on the floor 
              Bb     Gb 
Don't come to my bed 
         Gm               Eb 
It's too soon for you to see me 
       Gm            Dm7  Cm7  Eb  F 
With my wings spread 

Gm Gb7 But I've seen her wet with moonlight F Eb Praying in the street C F Feathers at her feet Gm Gb7 And I saw the small harp hanging F Eb That she never plays C Waiting for the day F When it all comes falling down Bb Gb7 Gm Eb And words fail me now
Bb Gb Gm Eb Verse Bb Gb Skipped meals Gm Eb Bb Gb We'll stay in Kansas city till the wound heals Gm Eb Bb Gb The government went bad, we got a raw deal Gm Eb Gm Dm7 Cm7 Eb F A transangelic exodus on four wheels
Gm Gb But I've seen the broken halo F Eb That she never wears C F Gm Hanging by the stairs Gb Bb Eb Dm Cm Bb Angel, I'll be your guardian if you'll be mine Gm Dm Cm Bb Authorities are trailing right behind Gm F Dm Cm Bb I'm not afraid, we read the Psalms at night Gm F Dm Cm Bb Clear through Nebraska with just one headlight
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