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	  		verse 1: 
On the mountain, in the valley  

In the desert when I weary  
I will spring up with thanksgiving  
         B		         E 
I will pour out praise to you  

In the furnace, in the fire  

In the heat of my desire  
I will light up like a lantern  
         B                          E 
I will burn with grati - tude  
Chorus: E Every breath B Is a witness of your faithfulness C#m Your loving kindness I just can forget A Oh my heart is over - flowing, B over - flowing
verse 2: In the tempest in the fury When the waves are all around me I will run out on the water Tide of faith will rise in me In the shadows in the darkness Fear is roaring like a lion In your light I find my courage From the danger I am free (Repeat Chorus (2x) ) Bridge: (2x) E (E/C#) You are faithful, this I know B (B) You won leave me on my own C#m (E/C#) You are faithful and my heart, A It over - flows A B (Is over - flowing, over - flowing) (Repeat Chorus (2x) ) verse 3: In the silence, in the waiting When my strength is slowly fading I command my soul to trust you For your promise never fails
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