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How can I keep from singing? Ukulele tab


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by cristebr

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How can I keep from singing?

	  Intro: D   G   D/F#   A 

             D     G       D 
My life goes on in endless song 
 A                 D 
above earth's lamentations, 
                        G       D 
I hear the real, though far-off hymn 
     A               D 
that hails a new creation. 
                F#m    Bm 
Through all the tumult and the strife 
  D               A 
I hear it's music ringing, 
             D    G     D 
It sounds an echo in my soul. 
          Bm   A    D 
How can I keep from singing? 
               D       G      D 
But though the tempest loudly roars 
  A                  D 
I hear the truth, it liveth, 
                        G        D 
and though the darkness round me close 
Bm           A        D 
songs in the night it giveth. 
             F#m      Bm 
No storm can shake my inmost calm 
      D                A 
while to that rock I'm clinging. 
              D       G          D 
Since love is Lord of heaven and earth 
          Bm   A    D         G   Bm   A   D   Bm   A   D   Bb7 
how can I keep from singing? 
             Eb      Ab       Eb 
When tyrants tremble in their fear 
    Bb                     Eb 
and hear their death knell ringing, 
                          Ab      Eb 
when friends rejoice both far and near 
          Cm   Bb   Eb 
how can I keep from singing? 
           Gm       Cm 
In prision cell and dungeon vile 
    Eb                   Bb 
our thoughts to them are winging, 
                Eb        Ab  Eb 
when friends by shame are undefiled 
          Cm   Bb   Eb 
how can I keep from singing? 
Ab   Cm   Bb   Eb   Cm   Bb   Eb 
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