Emiliana Torrini

Honeymoon Child

Emiliana Torrini

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Honeymoon Child

Cm7  G7 

Cm7                        G7 
   You are true honeymoon child 
Cm7                               G7 
   Conceived on an island in the sun 
Cm7                        G7 
   Heals dug in the white sand 
Cm7                          G7 
   Loved and adored from day one 

B               F# 
   Raised in a wild space 
B               F# 
   Between two hearts 
              B           C#               D#m 
   Where the vines climb trees towards the light 
B                   F# 
   Running naked, dragging a kite 
B           C#         D#m 
   Or your dress on a string 

D#m                                C# 
   You bring up the soft side in everyone 
                   D#m                 C# 
   We gather like ravens, on a rusty scythe 
           D#m            C# 
   Just to watch, such a little dove 
           D#m            C# 
   Just to watch, such a little dove 
     G#           F# 
   Fly away 

B  F# 

   Mr. bones from town said he saw you the other day 
                 B                         F# 
   He said you changed but he wouldn't say how 
A#m                    B 
   Well it can always turn 
A#m                     B 
   Yeah, it can always turn 
A#m                   B    F# 
   A wind can always turn 
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