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You do something to me Ukulele tab

Ella Fitzgerald

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by europeu

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You do something to me

  		A   G#7  A     E7   D9  A6 
You do some - thing to  me, 
 A      Cdim      Edim     Cdim       Bm7/5-   E7      
Some - thing that real - ly mys - ti - fies me, 
Bm7  F#7 Bm7  Bm7/5-    F#7 
Tell me, why should it be 
B7   D9      B7       Cdim      Bm7/5- E7 
You have the pow'r to hyp - no - tize me? 
 A Cdim E7   Bm7/5-       F#7 
Let me live 'neath your spell, 
F7  Cm7/5-     E7   Bm7/5-     D9 Edim   E7    E7/6 
You  do  that voo - doo that you do so well, for 
A   G#7  A     E7    D9  F#7 
You do some - thing  to  me  
     B7  Bm7/5-     E7   Edim A 
That no - bod - y else could do. 

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