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Water of Love Ukulele tab

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Water of Love

Year: 1990 - Album: Dire Straits

  		Intro: 2 x D  C  G  D

High and dry in the long hot day
Lost and lonely in every way
Got the flats all around me, sky up above,
Yes, I need a little water of love
I've been too long lonely and my heart feels pain,
Crying out for some soothing rain
I believe I've taken enough,
I need a little water of love
Water of love deep in the ground,
           G                 D
but there aint no water here to be found
Some day baby when the river runs free,
            G             D
It's gonna carry that water of love to me
Solo : D  C  G  D   1 vez
There's a bird up in a tree, sitting up high,
Just a-waitin' for me to die
If I don't get some water soon,
I'll be dead and gone in the afternoon
Chorus + solo like intro: D  C  G  D   1 time
Once I had a woman I could call my own,
Once I had a woman now my woman is gone
Once there was a river now there's a stone
You know it's evil when you're living alone
REfrao+ outro: D  C  G  D   1 vez

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