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Portobello Belle Ukulele tab

Dire Straits

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by gabriel101

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Portobello Belle

Year: 1988 - Album: Money for Nothing

Intro: C 
  Belladonna's on the high street 
C                      F 
  Her breasts upon the offbeat 
C                             F           
  And the stalls are just the sideshows 
C              F 
  Victoriana's old clothes 
C                           F 
  Yeah she got the skirt so tight now 
C                  F   
  She wanna travel light now 
C                           F 
  She wanna tear up all her roots now 
C                            F          C 
  She got the turn-up on her boots now 
  She thinks she's tough 
  She ain't no English rose 
  But the blind singer 
  He's seen enough and he knows 
     Bb                F                  C 
  He do a song about a long-gone Irish girl 
      Bb                F                  C 
  But I got one for you my Portobello Belle 
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