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On every street V2 Ukulele tab

Dire Straits

Difficulty: IntermediateIntermediate

by sefirot

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On every street V2

  		  F/C              C             G                             C 
       There's gotta be a record of you some place 
       Am                    G/B                      C  
You gotta be on somebodys books 
F      C                  G                    Esus4 
The lowdown a picture of youre face 
Am               Em                                                                                         F 
Youre injured looks                      (these verse without the first string)       ----------------------x--  
F                C  **                                                                  -----------0-2------2-- 
The sacred and profane            (these verse without the first string)    **       -----------------------x--      
F                    C            G/B                                               ------------------------1-- 
The plesure and the pain           (these verse without the first string) 
C                            G/B                  Am               Em 
Somewhere youre fingerprints remain concrete 
     Dm                 Bb      
And its youre face im looking for 
F/Bb             C/G 
      On every street 
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e|----------- B|----------- G|----------- D|----------- A|----3b5---- E|-------5--- Ladykiller regulation tatoo .... same chords that above e|------0----------|------------------| B|----------3------|------0---1-0--| G|--2-----------0-|--2------------ -| D|-----------------|--------------0--| A|-----------------|------------------| E|--1--3--2--0--|--1---0---3-----|
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