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Dire Straits

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by gabriel101

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Follow me home

Year: 1990 - Album: Communiqué

  		Oh well the sun go down 
Celebration in the town tonight 
All day long 
           D                   Em (Riff) 
They been slaughtering upon the stone 
Share out the meat 
Yeah, you really like to eat 
G              D              Em(Riff) 
Come on woman, come follow me home 
Well, the priest he cries 
Virgin ascending to the skies tonight 
All day long 
I have passed my time alone 
And when the curch bell rung 
I stayed out on the tower 
In a dying sun 
Now come on woman, come follow me home 
Well I don't no priest 
But I love all of the people 
Yes I share the feast 
Si I drick up my wine 
Yes and the song in my bones 
I know the way 
I can see by the moonlight 
Clear as the day 
Now come on woman, come follow me home 
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