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Dire Straits

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Down to the Waterline

Year: 1990 - Album: Money for Nothing

Intro: G  Bm  G  Bm 

Bm       F#m   A        E7      Bm      
Sweet surrender on the quay side 
Bm      F#m    A        E7         Bm 
You remember we used to run and hide 
        Bm                   F#m                          
In the shadows of cargoes, I take you on time, 
A                     D   E     
Counting all the numbers 
Down to the waterline 
Bm       F#m   A        E7      Bm 
Near misses on the dogleap stairways 
Bm       F#m   A        E7      Bm 
French kisses in the darkened doorways 
 Bm                   F#m     
Foghorn blowing out wild and cold 
A                     D  E             Bm 
A policeman shines a light upon my shoulder 
Lead 1  G  Bm  G  A  Bm 
Bm            F#m     A        E7              Bm 
Up comes a coaster, fast and silent through the night 
Bm             F#m   A        E7              Bm 
Over my shoulder, all you can see are pilot lights 
 Bm                       F#m    
No money in our jackets and jeans are torn 
A                     D   E             Bm 
Your hands are cold but your lips are warm 

        G  Bm  G  A  
solo:   E  C#m  C 
        G  C       
        D  A 
        F#  G  A  Bm 

Bm            F#m     A        E7              Bm 
she can see you in the jetty where you used to go 
Bm            F#m     A        E7              Bm 
she can see you in the places where the sailors go 
Bm                          F#m    
when she's walking down the river on the railway line 
A                     D  E      
she can still hear you whisper 
Lets go down to the water line 
come on. 
        G  Bm  G  A  Bm  G  A  Bm   end|| 

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