Dave Hause

We Cold Be Kings

Dave Hause

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We Cold Be Kings

B Am E F#   

B A E Am E F#   
So this is rejection   
 And its bringing you down   
 He told you that hed find work soon   
 Then he stopped coming around   
 That was the summer of sweet nights   
 He used to take you for rides   
 But it all changed in the backseat   
 He came inside   

Am F# E B Am B   
Well hes seen enough to know   
 Hes old enough to know whats right from wrong   
Am F# E B F#   
 I know how hard it is to see things through   

B                    E   
Oh no did it rip you apart?   
To be told we could be kings   
                                  E                           F#   
 When we were damned from the start   
B                                   E   
 Oh no did it rip you apart?   
              Am                        F#   
They told us we could be kings   
                              E                  A   
When we were damned, damned from the start 
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