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Wrote a song for everyone Ukulele tab

Creedence Clearwater Revival

Difficulty: BeginnerBeginner

by Ariadne+Gibb

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Wrote a song for everyone

  		G / / / D / / / C / / / 
G / / C / / D / G / / C / / D / 
             D      C               G 
Met myself a common  county welfare line 
                C           G               D 
I was a-feelin' strung out, hung out on the line 
G            D     Em                   C 
Saw myself a-goin'   down to the war in June 
G           D                C              G 
All I want, all I want is to write myself a tune 
C                G 
 Wrote a song for everyone 
C                 G 
 Wrote a song for truth 
C                 G       Em 
 Wrote a song for everyone-- 
       C             D7      G 
When I couldn't even talk to you 
Verse 2: 
Got myself arrested, wound me up in jail 
Richmond 'bout to blow up, communication fails 
If you see the answer, now's the time to say 
All I want, all I want is to get you down to pray 
(instrumental, same pattern as verses) 
Verse 3: 
Saw the people standin' a thousand years in chains 
Somebody said it's a-different now; look, it's just the same 
Pharaohs spin the message round and round the truth 
They could have saved a million people, how can I tell you? 
(repeat chorus 3 times; third time, with extra measure and instrumental 
break, sing "cou-ou-ou-ou-ouldn't") 
G    / / C / / D / G / / C / / D / 
G / / C / / D / G 
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