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Old Die Young Ukulele tab

Creedence Clearwater Revival

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by amiram

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Old Die Young

Bb  Bb  F-Eb  Bb    
Verse 1     
Bb                  Bb  Eb              Bb     
Just about a year ago I set out on the road     
Bb                    Gm    Eb                     F     
Seeking my fame and fortune an`lookin' for a pot of gold     
Bb                 Gm     
Things got bad and things got worse     
  Eb                      Bb     
I guess you will know the tune       
Bb      F             Eb    Bb     
Oh Lord stuck in Lodi again     
Verse 2     
Bb                 Bb               Eb              Bb     
Rode in on the Grey Hound I'll be walkin' out if I go     
Bb                 Gm              Eb              F     
I was just passin' through must be seven months or more     
Bb                  Gm     Eb                      Bb     
Ran out of time and money  Looks like they took my friends       
Bb      F             Eb     Bb     
Oh Lord stuck in Lodi again     

Bb  Bb  Eb  Bb      Bb  Bb  {F-Eb}  Bb       

Verse 3     
    Bb                Bb  Eb                 Bb     
The man from the magazine said I was on my way     
Bb               Gm           Eb                  F     
Somewhere I lost connection I ran out of songs to play     
  Bb               Gm     
I came into town a one night stand     
Eb                       Bb     
Looks like my plans fell through       
Bb      F             Eb    Bb     
Oh Lord stuck in Lodi again     
Iterlude      key change   
F  C  G  C     C  C    
Verse 4          
C                  C       F                 C     
If I only had a dollar for every song I've sung     
    C              Am                F                  G     
And everytime I've had to play while people sat there drunk     
    C                   Am        F                C     
You know I'd catch the next train back to were I live     
C           G             F      C     
Oh Lord I'm stuck in Lodi again     
C           G             F      C     
Oh Lord I'm stuck in Lodi again     

C  C  F  C     C  C  G-F  C    Repeat & fade     

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