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Creedence Clearwater Revival

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Year: 1990 - Album: Pendulum

  		Intro:  B A D 
A	     G 	           D		    B D 
You took me runnin' up a wrong way street. 
A 	 G			D		B D 
When we got there, you said, "Can't you read ?" 
A 	    G 		      D          B D 
I must be blind, but now and then I see 
A	  G                 D     
Another number where mine used to be. 
D			      G 
You keep on changin' your face like a Chameleon. 
D			      G  
You keep on changin' your face like a Chameleon. 
A	     G     	       D            B D 
I say what's up, and then you say it's down. 
A           G             D 
I see triangles, and you say it's round, round, round. 
A        G	          D 		B D 
Saw an empty glass, you said it's full. 
A           G                 D 
Lord, it's so hot, then you come on cool, cool. 
Chorus 4's 
solo over verses 
repeat chorus few times and fade out 

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