Confederate Railroad

See Ya

Confederate Railroad


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See Ya

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E C#m7 A B 
1.I guess I should have seen it coming 
      B                             E 
  I should have read those warning signs 
            A               E 
  But her leavin' me was something 
  F#m                           B 
  That never even crossed my mind           'til she said... 
   E                         C#m7 
C.See ya, wouldn't want to be ya 
  Wouldn't want to stand in your shoes 
  And watch me walking out on you 
        E                               C#m7 
  It's too late, you're finding out the hard way 
  Boy, I'll see ya 
  I wouldn't want to be ya 
2.She was standing at the door when I told her 
  I was sorry for the things i didn't say 
  I asked for one more chance to start all over 
  But it's over was all over her face 
                                [email protected] 

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