Chris de Burgh

Leather On My Shoes Ukulele tab

Chris de Burgh

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by tercmoraes

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Leather On My Shoes

Year: 1988 - Album: Flying Colours

Capo on 3rd fret


Intro: G 

I've got leather on my shoes, 
                 C       G 
And I've got a dream to live, 
          Em              G 
There is nothing left to lose, 
        C    D 
So I'm going, 
I've got a suitcase here in my hand, 
                C      G 
And I've got a hungry heart, 
         C        D        G 
And I'm going to join the millions, 
         C      D                   G D 
There before me, on the freedom road, 

No-one's coming to my door, 
             C           G 
And all my friends have gone, 
            Em           G 
There's no work here anymore, 
        C     D 
It's deserted, 
And though I know I hate to leave, 
           C           G 
From this land that I love, 
           C     D      G 
There's a new tomorrow waiting, 
           C    D                   G  
Yes it's shining on the freedom road, 
C         D         G 
 On the freedom road, 

        Em                     Bm 
Oh sometimes it's going to be lonely, 
     C        D       G 
Sometimes it will be sad, 
          B              Em 
But I've got to keep on going, 
         Am                 D 
Until I hold that promised land in the palm of my hand, 

Nothing ventured, nothing gained or won, 
           C    G 
Without a hard fight, 
          Em              G 
We would never reach the sun, 
          C    D 
Without trying, 
And when we're a million miles from home, 
             C     G 
Out in the starry night, 
         C         D    G 
We will see we're not alone, 
        C      D                   Em 
In the heavens, out on freedom road, 
C         D         G D 
 Out on freedom road, 

G C G Em G C D  
G C G C D G C  
D                   G D 
 Out on freedom road,  
G C G Em G C D  
G C G C D G C  
D                   G D 
 Out on freedom road, 
G C G Em G C D  
G C G C D G C 
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