Chitãozinho & Xororó


Chitãozinho & Xororó

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	  		Intro E  E5+  A  F#m  A/B 
        E  E5+  A  E/G#  F#m  A/B 
        E  A/B 

       E             B/D# 
When i say i don't love you anymore 
    C#m7   E7(9)   E6  E7 
It's because i love you 
    A                       C#7 
When i say i don't want you no more it's 
Because i want you 
I'm just afraid to give you a heart and 
Confess you and me from the start 
        F#       E/G#                 F#/A# 
But what will become of me if i lose you 
A/C#  B/D# 
One time 
   E                      B/D# 
Kept defending myself from you but then 
    C#m      E7(9)  E6  E7 
I surrendered 
I act like i'm somebody else i'm just a 
You know the truth i'm crazy for you and 
     C#m                   Am 
My behalf i don't want to lose 

     E               A/B 
So i need to accept there´ no way 
          E4    E   E4  E  A/B 
To keep living worlds apart 

I´m living in this madness 

I keep saying i don’t need you 
I´m denying all appeareances 

Desguising all the evidences 
So why am i still pretending 
        F#m                  B7 
If i can´t deceives my broken heart? 
   F#m        B7 
I know i still love you 

Enough with my lies 

I´m denying my desires 
Don´t need more than this 

I just gotta have your kiss 
My life belongs to you 
   F#m                        B7 
Would please get me out of this mess? 
   F#m         B7                  E 
I gotta hear from you, so please say YES 

         E5+              A  E/G# 
Say that it´ true, you miss me too 
 F#m       B7                E 
And you´re still think about me 

         E5+               A  E/G# 
Say that it´ true, you miss me too 
  F#m       B7 
There´ so much more we can live 
Because i love you 

Solo C#m  C5+  E/B  F#/A#  Am  A/B 
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