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This Side Of Paradise Ukulele tab

Bryan Adams

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by Jo%5FLara95

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This Side Of Paradise

Year: 2005 - Album: Room Service

(Bryan Adams)

Capo on 2nd fret

G          D4              Em             C9 
I'm ridin' in the back seat - nine years old 
G          D4                    Em      C9 
Starin' out the window countin' the highway poles 
G            D4                Em            C9 
And then I get to thinkin' - that it don't seem real 
I'm flyin' through the universe in a '69 oldsmobile 
G           D4                       Em             C9 
And I wanna know what they're not tellin' 
G          D4              Em             C9         
And I don't wanna hear no lies 
G      D4                    Em             C9         
I just want something to believe in 
D4 C9                      D4 
Aaaaaaaah - it's a lonely lonely road I'm on 
C9        D4           G 
This side of paradise 
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