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Do I have to Say The Words Ukulele tab

Bryan Adams

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Do I have to Say The Words

Year: 1991 - Album: So Far So Good

(Adams, Lange, Vallance)

Intro: D G D G 
            D            G             D          G  
1.   Rescue me from the mire, whisper words of desire,  
            D   Bm              A  
    rescue me, darlin' rescue me.  
               D         G              D          G  
    With your arms open wide, want you here by my side,  
             D   Bm              A  
    come to me, darlin' rescue me !  
               F              Bb             F          Bb  
    When this world's closin' in, there's no need to pretend,  
        Dm       Gm          C  
    set me free, darlin' rescue me.  
            Gm                                   Am  
REFR. 1 :       I don't wanna let you go, so I'm standin' in your way,  
            Bb                                  C  
REFR. 1 :       I never needed anyone, like I'm needin' you today.  

             - - - - - - - - -       Dm Gm                         C   F  
REFR. 2 : Do I have to say the words?      Do I have to tell the truth?   
                                Bb  Gm        C              Dm  
REFR. 2 : Do I have to shout it out?     Do I have to say a prayer?   
                          Bb                   C  
REFR. 2 : Must I prove to you how good we are together?   
REFR. 2 : Do I have to say the words?   
      D  G  D  G            D          G             D            G  
2.                     Rescue me from despair, tell me you will be there,  
              D      Bm              A  
    help me please, darlin' rescue me.  
            F             Bb          F            Bb  
    Every dream that we share, every cross that we bear,  
          Dm        Gm        C  
    can't you see, darlin' rescue me.  + REFR. 1   + REFR. 2  

SOLO   C Bb C Bb 

D G D G   D G D G   

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