Brenda Lee

When You Loved Me Ukulele tab

Brenda Lee

Difficulty: EasyEasy


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When You Loved Me

Capo on 1st fret

F  Am Dm  C7  

F   Am        Dm 
    When, you loved me 
Dm           Am        Am7       D7 
You took the stars down from the skies 
        Gm             Bbm 
And you put them in my eyes 
Gm   Am  Bb    C     
When you loved me 

F     Am        Dm 
      When, you loved me     
Dm       Am   Am7     D7 
I knew a never ending spring 
D7        Gm               Bbm 
Darling I heard the angels sing 
Gm7  C7        F   F7 
When you loved me 

But now all the stars 
  Are back in the skies 
 I sent you away  
G7    C7       G7     C7       
And I made the angels cry-yyy 

F     Am       Dm 
      When you loved me 
Dm      Am  Am7             D7 
I was a fool   too blind to see 
D7           Gm                  Bbm 
You made the world turn just for me 


Bbm  Gm   C7   F        Bb  C7    F 
When you loved me, when you loved me 
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