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The Grass Is Greener Ukulele tab

Brenda Lee

Difficulty: AdvancedAdvanced

by edsooliveira

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The Grass Is Greener

Intro: Ab C# Db Eb 

  Ab            Db 
I had the world when you were mine.. 
      Eb        Ab  F# F 
but I threw it away. 
  Bbm                   F#      Db 
I thought the grass was greener there.. 
Bb                   Eb                  
where I wandered one day. 

  Ab                 Db     
I left your arms for someone else.. 
    Eb           Ab   F# F 
but he was never true. 
  Bbm                   F#      Db 
I thought the grass was greener there.. 
Ab  Eb      Ebm  Ab 
now here am I so blue. 


Ab    Bbm          Eb    Cm   
Now another, now another holds your hand. 
Am          Bbm              Eb 
And there's nothing, there's nothing left  
for me. 
       G                Cm             Fm 
And it hurts so much to see her stand, where  
Bb             Eb  Bbm Eb 
I once used to be. 

   Ab     C  Ab    Db                   Eb 
It breaks my heart when you walk near,  
           Ab  F# F 
and yet so far. 
        Bbm      Db     Ab   Eb Ab         Eb 
And the grass is really greener there..for that's  
               Ab  C Db F# F 
just where you are. 

           Bbm   Ab Db                 Ab 
I know the grass is greener there..for that's  
Eb   Cm    Eb  Ab  Eb B Ab 
just where you are. 

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat. 
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