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Boyce Avenue

Difficulty: ExpertExpert

by jov%2Dcorrea

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C   Am                     G 
Oh, thinking about all our younger years 
         Dm            Am 
There was only you and me, 
       Dm                  G 
we were young and wild and free 

C   Am                     G 
Now,nothing can take you a way from me 
           Dm                Am 
We've been down that road be fore 
           Dm                    G 
But that's over now, you keep me comin' back for more 

F G Am Baby you're all that I want C F When you're lying here in my arms F G Am G I'm finding it hard to believe we're in heaven F G Am And love is all that I need C F And I found it here in your heart F G Am G It isn't too hard to see we're in heaven
C Am G Oh, once in your life you find someone Dm Am Who will turn your world around Dm G Bring you up when you're feeling down C Am G Yeah, nothing could change what you mean to me Dm Am Oh there's lots that I could say Dm G But just hold me now, 'cause our love will light the way CHORUS Dm F I've been waiting for so long C Am For something to arrive Dm G For love to come along Dm F Now our dreams are coming true C Am Through the good times and the bad G Yeah, I'll be standing there by you CHORUS (2x)
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