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Letter To Good

Box Car Racer



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Letter To Good

	  		Intro: (E5     F#5 G5) 2x 
E5            F#5                G5 
 Caught off guard, all worked up 
E5            F#5                G5 
 the air was as dark and cold as night 
E5           F#5         G5 
 let me go, I'm not done 
E5             F#5               G5  
 I swear I'll take just one life time 
| E5                C5 
|  and I, I won't lie 
|             G5 
|    I won't sin 
|       D5                  E5 
|     maybe I don't wanna go 
|        C5 
|     can't you wait 
|      G5          D5  
|     maybe I don't wanna go 
E5              F#5                   G5 
 I should of asked, I could have helped 
E5               F#5                   G5 
 at least a fucking thousand times before 
E5             F#5       G5 
 will this offer, get me in 
E5               F#5               G5 
 or does this prove that they gave more 
Refrão 2x (dist) 
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