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To Find You Ukulele tab

Bonnie McKee

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by robepoiel

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To Find You


Am     C                 G 
Lately life feels like a dream 

Am          C                G 
Watching it through a smokey screen 

Am      C             G 
Finding ways to slip away 

  Am        C             G 
Until I can be with you someday 

Am C       G 
In the darkness 

Am  C         G 
You called my name 

Am  C   G 
But only 

An echo came 

Am C       G 
I can hear you 

    Am        C    G 
I'm following your voice 

     Am      C 
I've travelled 

Through the night 

     Am    C 
I'll follow 

The fireflies 

    Am         C 
The wolves may call 

My head may fall 

     Am    C             G 
Your voice will guide me through it all 

I'll smile 

Through the pain 

I'll search  til I 

Am        C       G 
Forget my name to find you 

       Am      C       G 
With a song to keep me warm 

         Am       C        G 
And your voice to guide me home. 

Second verse - same as the first. 


      F        C              Am 
I can feel the beating of your heart 

Stay right where you are 

I'm coming back to you 

         F       C              Am 
And your face is constant in my mind 

Beneath the starry night 

Wait for me baby 

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