Bon Jovi

Til We Ain Ukulele tab

Bon Jovi

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by IronPower4Ever

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Til We Ain

  		Intro: G D Em C 
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G D E|------------------------------------------------------------------------ B|--8-12-12/15-15-15/13-13-12-12-10-8-8/10---10-8-8-8/10-10/12-12/15------ G|------------------------------------------------------------------------ D|------------------------------------------------------------------------ A|------------------------------------------------------------------------ E|------------------------------------------------------------------------ Em C E|------------------------------------------------------------------------ B|--15-15-15/13--13-13-12-12-10-8-8/10----10-10/12-8~--------------------- G|------------------------------------------------------------------------ D|------------------------------------------------------------------------ A|------------------------------------------------------------------------ E|------------------------------------------------------------------------
G It might be hard to be lovers D But it's harder to be friends Em Baby pull down the covers C It's time you let me in G Maybe light a couple candles D D#º Em Bm A I'll just go ahead and lock the door C D7 If you just talk to me baby G Till we ain't strangers anymore G Lay your head on my pillow D I sit beside you on the bed Em Don't you think it's time we say C Some things we haven't said Bm It ain't too late to get back to that place D D#º Em Bm A Back to where, we thought it was before C D Why don't you look at me G (D/F#) Till we ain't strangers anymore
(D/F#) Em C Sometimes it's hard to love me G D Sometimes it's hard to love you too Em C I know it's hard believing G D That love can pull us through Bm C It would be so easy G To live your life Am C With one foot out the door C D Just hold me baby C Till we ain't strangers anymore
(SOLO) C G D C G D Bm C (D) (Refrão) Em C It's hard to find forgivness G D When we just turn out the lights Em C It's hard to say you're sorry G D When you can't turn off the light Bm C It would be so easy G To spend your whole damn life Am Just keeping strong (virada) G So lets get down to it baby D There ain't no need to lie Em Tell me who you think you see C When you look into my eyes G Lets put our two hearts back together D D#º Em Bm And leave the broken pieces on the floor C D Make love with me baby G D Em C Till we ain't strangers anymore G D Em C We're not strangers anymore (We're not strangers) G D Em C We're not strangers anymore (solo final) G D Em C G D Em C
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