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The Price Of Love Ukulele tab

Bon Jovi

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by carlluz

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The Price Of Love

Year: 1999 - Album: 7800 Fahrenheit

  		Intro:  Dm   Bb 

Dm                             Bb 
One heart one other, They met last summer 

Gm                                 A 
One move she started, now they love this way 

Dm                             Bb      
The pain of pleasure lying together 

Gm                              A 
You're at their mercy, as the telephone' ringing on 

Bb                                  C 
No one said there'd be nights like this 

Bb                          A 
Risk your life for a stolen kiss 


      Dm       Em        Gm 

We live, we learn, we lie 

For the price of love 

       Dm         Em        Gm  
We kiss then say goodbye 

For the price of love 

Dm                                      Bb 
Each move goes so slow, until the doors close 

Gm                               A 
No secret codes now, no words as baby goes down 

Dm                                            Bb 
One last dance then goodbye, practicing his love lies 

Gm                           A 
He runs to his wife, and Your left holding the knife 
Bb                            C 
You live Your life to take that chance 

Bb                                           C 
When you're a master of the art of romance 

Bb                                                                    A 
And you know you won't cross that line, until that last slow dance 




Alone our lonely hearts would die. 

It's all in the game 

And the way that it's played 

There's no time to wonder why 

To catch you when you fall 

Answer when you call 

No one can hear you cry 

Interlude   Dm  Bb  (4x) 

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