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Bo Phillips Band

Difficulty: EasyEasy

by robepoiel

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 G               D 
ive never seen eyes so bright 
      E                       C 
the pretty side that keeps me up all night 
  G               D                      C 
sayin your name does something crazy to me 
 G                      D 
i never thought you'd look my way 
  E                    C    
since ya did i got something to say 
 G                D                 C 
in your arms is right where i wanna be 

           G                   D                         E                      C        
Well ive never been one for talking all night on the telephone baby till the morning light 
G                    D                 C 
i never thought i'd dig not having a clue 
    G                    D                 E                    C 
i never thought about settling down, or holding hands till the sun goes down 
G                  D                C 
i never realised just how little i knew 
D                            G 
but i never met a girl like you 

G                      D              E                            C 
i never thought that just one glass would make a country boy wanna up and dance 
G                           D                   C 
i never thought anybody'd wanna make me up and cry 
G                          D               E             C 
i never even realised the way that i can miss you in a single day 
G                    D                       C 
i never thought i'd ever let anybody see me cry 

                   G           Em   A                             G       D 
You''re gonna leave me again  Just like you did the time before 
                 G       Em   A 
This is the start of the end  
 G                                         A          D 
Em   A  D 
The end of me  when you walk out that door 

G                         D                C 
i never thought that i'd say these words today 
but never say never is what my grand dad tought me to say no no no 
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